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North Bay Elks History
National Grand Organizer N. A. Taylor instituted North Bay Elks Lodge #25 on April 17, 1914. There were 58 Chartered applicants with the first E. R. being Fred H. Campbell and the Secretary being Richard Tyler. Members of Sudbury, Cobalt and Lansdowne Elks Lodges were present to assist in the ceremonies.

The Lodge operated with enthusiasm and was involved in community and social activities. Due to war years and a shift in interest, the Lodge ceased to be a force in the community in 1934.

Grand Organizer Mike Moran set about a reorganization program, which resulted in the Lodge being re-instituted on August 21, 1953 with Murray Harris as the Exalted Ruler. Bro. Jim Dixon was the sitting Grand Exalted Ruler. The Lodge quickly grew and in 1954 with upwards of seventy-plus members, applied for a charter, which was granted by Grand Exalted Ruler Bro. Claude Howard.

The members were very active in promoting monster bingos, from which they derived the monies needed to support charitable works. Their first major commitment was to underwrite the salary of a teacher for the local Mentally Retarded and Handicapped Society. After two years of support they followed this by being the major donor of funds to help build the first permanent school called West-Bay-Field school. Eventually, the Handicapped Society took on building a huge complex worth over one million dollars and the Lodge once again prepared to underwrite a substantial sum to help them with the project.

In the mid 1950's, they obtained a piece of property and commenced a building fund, which culminated in their permanent Lodge building being completed in 1960. Bro. Larry Denis was the main overseer of construction. In 1961, they hosted the 49th Grand Lodge Convention and Past Grand Exalted Ruler Bro. Stan Otto officially dedicated the building. It was at this convention that Bro. Ken Gooding was elected Grand Tyler. He continued on to become Grand Exalted Ruler at the Winnipeg convention in 1969.

Bro. Merle Dickerson, now deceased, served as Mayor over a period of 25 years and often reminded many that he was a charter member of the North Bay Elks Lodge.

For many years the Lodge supported the North Bay Boy's Choir and a city playground, on Douglas Street building the necessary structure. In past years they hosted the annual Labbatt's Pickerel Tournament on Lake Nipissing, touted as one of the best in the whole province during its time. On several occasions the Elks have donated monies to buy specialized equipment for the local hospitals especially the pediatric floor.

The Ontario Elks Association was started in North Bay with Gene Souliere as the First President in 1953. Other North Bay members who served as President are Romeo Renaud, Dan Bastien, Mark Montgomery, James Marsh, Robert Dias, Rick Renaud and Derek Barkley. Mark Montgomery was elected to the Grand Executive in 1998 in Whistler, B.C. rising through the chairs and was installed as the National President in North Bay in 2005.

The Elks continue to provide assistance to our community with medical equipment, Children's sport teams, medical travel expenses, hall donations etc.


Elks of Canada History
The Elks of Canada was founded in 1912 and incorporated under a special Dominion of Canada Charter.

The Elks of Canada have grown to over 300 lodges with more than 20,000 members. The Elks of Canada continue to be the largest all Canadian fraternal organization in the country.

Membership is open to all men and women who have attained the age of majority.

The North Bay Lodge was instituted in 1953 and has played an active role in the community. As of 2005 over $ 1,000,000 has been donated to help our neighbours